CLIMACT partners with the EPFL CDH Artist-in-Residence Programme

Posted on Sep 6, 2022


Aïcha Besser

Communications Manager CLIMACT

CLIMACT partners with the EPFL CDH Artist-in-Residence Programme

The first thing you should know is that the EPFL CDH (College of Humanities) Artist-in-Residence Programme promotes artistic research and experimentation that connects art, humanities, science, and technology by supporting up to four artists for three-months residencies at the EPFL.

The second thing is that the call 2023 “Enter the Hyper-Scientific”, which is initiated by the EPFL CDH, offers artists an opportunity to access the cutting-edge engineering, infrastructure, materials, and science developed or made available at EPFL, helping them experiment new forms of expression. This is where CLIMACT comes into the picture, which leads us to the third thing: the link to climate science and environmental transformation, which is one out of the three paths offered by the programme, supported by CLIMACT.

Or let’s take it the other way round: what is the relation between CLIMACT and art?

This Call 2023 “Enter the Hyper-Scientific” is expecting projects that address the urgency of environmental research and seek to offer alternative models, looking constructively at sustainable futures.              

The climate crisis has and will continue to have a pervasive impact on all aspects of society, including cultures, economies, and ways of living. At the same time, the radical shifts caused by environmental disfunctions, currently unfolding on a global scale, offer the opportunity for new thinking about sustainable, ecological, and inclusive societies.

Looking for alternative societal visions and ecological futures

Through the collaboration with the CLIMACT community, this call invites artists and designers to propose alternative societal visions and ecological futures, and to imagine purposeful perspectives for societies of tomorrow.  

Topics such as climate and social justice, perspectives addressing the disparities between the Global North and Global South, and experimental interspecies, Indigenous, and post-colonial approaches to climate change are encouraged.

We are delighted to launch this new collaboration with CLIMACT in the framework of the edition 2023 of the EPFL-CDH AiR Programme Enter the Hyper-Scientific. The path « Environmental Transformation » intends to address priority issues of our time, by supporting visionary artistic projects to be developed in dialogue with CLIMACT’s social and natural science community “, says Giulia Bini, Programme Manager and Curator, EPFL-CDH AiR.


More information about the call 2023 “Enter the Hyper-Scientific” and how to apply.


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