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2024 CLIMACT Scholars call for abstracts

Our call for abstracts is now open to participate in a special CLIMACT seminar dedicated to early-career researchers!

Posted on Feb 12, 2024


Charmilie Nault

Project manager

2024 CLIMACT Scholars call for abstracts

CLIMACT presents its 2024 call for abstracts dedicated to early-career researchers from UNIL and EPFL. Would you like to present your research to a broad audience during a CLIMACT seminar, promote your work and get useful feedback from peers? Here is an opportunity for you that runs until 26 March 2024!

All the information related to the call for abstracts can be found below and downloaded as a PDF here.

CLIMACT’s mission

The Center for Climate Impact and Action (CLIMACT) is a joint centre between the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) designed to foster interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research and implementation activities that address the social, scientific, and technological challenges associated with climate change and a sustainable future.

Main activities include support for researchers through funding such as the CLIMACT Starting Grants, networking and meet-up events for the scientific community, as well as engagement with key societal stakeholders including industry, the media, and politics.

This Call

CLIMACT is opening a competitive call for abstracts aimed at selecting a number of early-career researchers (ECRs) to present their research within a special edition of the 4th CLIMACT seminar series. Open not only to CLIMACT Scholars (ECRs involved in CLIMACT’s activities) but also to all ECRs affiliated with UNIL and EPFL, this special seminar is the perfect occasion to feature ECR research, and to especially highlight ECR contributions to the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as to the transformation of society towards sustainability and inclusivity.

Researchers selected to present their abstract for this seminar will benefit from increased visibility and a broad interdisciplinary audience with which to have constructive discussions during the seminar and on continued occasions. With this call for abstracts, CLIMACT is committed to contributing positively to ECR careers.

The ECR special edition of the CLIMACT seminars will be held on Monday 13 May 2024.


  • The call is open to EPFL and UNIL ECRs broadly active in climate change and sustainability related topics. The following career stages are considered as ECRs:

- PhD students

- Postdocs

  • Applicants should be affiliated to UNIL and/or EPFL at the time of abstract submission.
  • The ECR should be able to make a connection between their research topic and climate change adaptation, mitigation and/or societal transition towards increased sustainability and inclusivity.

Criteria of evaluation

Each application will be evaluated and scored by a committee of senior scientists, members of the CLIMACT team and CLIMACT Scholars appointed by CLIMACT. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the research to the call’s topic: 33% How strong is the link between the applicant’s research and the call’s topic: “Climate change mitigation and adaptation and, if applicable, a sustainable future”?
  • Impact of the research: 33% How well are the positive outlooks and/or other impacts of the results of the research in terms of benefits to society, scientific impact and/or innovation explained?
  • Relevance of the topic in a broader scientific context: 33% What are the links between the research and other fields of research, in an interdisciplinary context? How is the research relevant and complementary to the rest of CLIMACT’s interdisciplinary community?

How to apply

All required documents (filled application template, portrait photo* and short CV) must be submitted, in French or in English, via, before the submission deadline of Tuesday 26 March 2024 (18:00 CET). A notice of reception will be sent to all applicants.

Please note that applicants must meet all formal requirements. Failing that, their application will not be considered.

*A portrait photo is necessary for the communication of the seminar.


Decisions will be announced towards the end of April 2024. We kindly ask applicants to remain available on the date of the seminar until the announcement of the selected speakers.

Details regarding the talks (i.e., length, visual support, etc.) will be provided to the successful applicants. The presentations will take place on Monday 13 May, during the timeslot of the usual CLIMACT seminar (12:00-13:15). In the case of a high number of excellent applications, CLIMACT will organise a second special seminar dedicated to selected ECRs in the Fall semester of 2024.

To give an idea of the format of the seminar and the diversity of topics of interest, applicants can watch last year’s special seminar on our YouTube channel.


If you have any questions or need help preparing your proposal, please contact us at

Equal opportunity statement

We, at CLIMACT, believe in fair treatment of all applicants and our approach is shaped by a strong respect for each individual. We see diversity and inclusion as central to our organisation. Our approach applies to our funding instruments, call for abstracts and all other activities and events.

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